Laughing Gas Delivery Amsterdam

Laughing Gas Amsterdam

We Lachgas Amsterdam delivers laughing gas to you door. We are open 7 days a week You can place a order through this website. Or maybe easier to call us on +31687596115. We sell everything you need to make your balloons. A cracker, big dispenser, cardridges, balloons, or gas tanks.

Order a Laughing Gas Tank?

The most easy way to make you own balloons is using a gas tank. The gas tank is full with N2o (nitrous oxide). When you use the tank you just need the tank and balloons. So no cream whipper or something else. Just open your tank and full up you balloon.

1 kilo gram is the same as 125 cannisters. How many balloons can I make with one kilogram of gas? That depends on how big you will make your balloon. If you make “normal” sizes you will make around 100 balloons out of 1 kilogram of gas.

You pay for the kilograms of gas, and you have to pay deposit for the tank. The deposit for a 2kg tank is 50 euro. And the deposit for a 4kg gas tank is 70 euro. When the tank is empty and you want your deposit back, just call and we will pick it up. We charge 10 euro to pick it up. So when you bring your 2kg tank back we will give you 40 euro.

Cream chargers or canisters

We sell canisters from Mosa. We have boxes of 50 pieces. The prices of the boxes depends on how many you will buy.

1 box is 32.50
2 boxes is 60
3 boxes is 75
4 boxes is 100
5 boxes is 112.50

Balloons, rubbers

Every order is including balloons for free.


Its possible to pay cash, Pin or credit cards.

Good prices
Pay with cash or by card.
You can call us the whole night
Deleveries within 30 minutes
Call: +31687596115

Opening Hours

Mondag – Donderdag 8 PM – 6 AM
Fryday en Saturday: 6PM – 8 AM
Sunday 8PM – 6 AM

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